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The Haerth Primer:

Maps & Geography -- "This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this Tar'ran Kingdom!".
Useful items for adventurers
Sharp, pointy and heavy things
Armor and shields
The methods of counting the day, minutes, years ...
The Olden Days, and how we got from there to here.
General background on society, mores, and behaviour.
Money and the cost of living.
The various intelligent races in the area.
Tar'ran society is divided into vertically into castes ...
... and horizontally by various noble or professional ranks.
The effects of gender, its roles and expectations.
Gods And Monsters.
Sexual Activities and Behaviours.
Recreational, Celebrational, and Occupational Narcotics.
Music as performed and heard in the Kingdom.
Magic: The use and abuse of supernatural power.
Politics within the Kingdom.
The Royal Army, and other armed forces.

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