Dramatis Personae

Several Characters, to Wit:

Princess Jenneth of the Ruby Sword, heir-by-right to rulership of the White Sheep MoFoni (aka "Pim") [Lisa]
appearance: blah
stats: age ?, STR ?, SIZ ?, CON ?, DEX ?, INT ?, WIS ?, EGO ?, EDU ?, CHA ?, BV ?, APP ?, POW ?
notes: blah. Fate index ?; Morgan's card ?
followers & staff: blah
"Your Quote Here!"

Sedentya Isuelte Ahmundzunn, Baroness of Falconcrest, daughter of the Duke of Eastmarch [Sheri A.]
appearance: Tyr Nai female, height 5'10" (short for a TyrNai), with straight shoulder length golden hair, emerald eyes, and medium-dark skin. Always well-dressed, usually centering around the color pink. Accompanied by (and color coordinated with) her toy poodle, Lily.
stats: age 25, STR 16, SIZ 12, CON 11, DEX 15, INT 16, WIS 13, EGO 17, EDU 8, CHA 21, BV ?, APP 16, POW 20, KMI 10
notes: Unmarried, but there are rumors of a demon lover; she has a strangely-charismatic 6 year old son, Donal. Fate index 048; Morgan's card: "No Trips Without A Tripper."
followers & staff: bodyguard George, poodle Lily, drovers, maids, servants, and several mercenaries.
"'Little girls shouldn't play with dangerous toys?!' You mean like my flaming broadsword?!"

Doma Chandra Doh Estee (aka Chandra D), an aristocratic bard of some fame and skill. [Leslie M.]
appearance: a Tyr Nai female; 6'1", lithe, with steel black hair, bright blue eyes, and a dusky complexion.
stats: age ?, STR 22, SIZ ?, CON 12, DEX 15, INT 14, WIS ?, EGO 14, EDU ?, CHA 21, BV ?, APP 14, POW 12
notes: Singing half of the Comedy Duo "Shaken and Stirred" known for leaving their audiences "shaking with laughter and stirred with passion." She's also known as the author of such comedic songs as "If I tell you you have a beautiful body Esteem you hold it against me?" Chandra has a bright, brash personality and a persistent bump of curiosity.
followers & staff: Bhames Jond.
"Life is a song waiting to be discovered ..."

Dane Bruno MacRoberts, Master-at-Arms to Sedentya Isuelte, and Hero of the Void War. [Hugh T..]
appearance: human male, 5' 6", 140#; 'muck brown' hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Dressed in simple, travel-worn soldiers' garb of Eastmarch style, with what looks like leather armor, and a baldric marked with red-and-white. Bears two swords (one wooden, one ugly).
stats: age 28, STR 14, SIZ 9, CON 14, DEX 19, INT 14, WIS 12, EGO 9, EDU 6, CHA 15, BV 16, APP 9, POW 21
notes: Bruno is a cheerful and optimistic person. He is a mighty fine camp cook, and likes kids. He doesn't drink any alcohol, not even Beer!. Fate index 209; Morgan's card "I Still Don't Understand."
followers & staff: a squire.
"Good day, and welcome to our quest! I'm Bruno, and this is my liege Isuelte. Say 'Good Day', eh!"

Conrad d'Garvel, mercenary cavalryman from the Southmarch. [Mike B.]
appearance: scruffy and dangerous human male, despite fancy armor and gaudy clothes. Dark curly hair, mustachios, swagger, strong southern accent.
stats: age 28, STR 20, SIZ 11, CON 10, DEX 15, INT 11, WIS 15, EGO 11, EDU ?, CHA 13, BV ?, APP 8, POW 10
notes: A professional, which is to say fond of loot and drink, but dangerous none the less. Member of the Red Claw Banner unit, within the Steel Brotherhood guild. Fate index 170; Morgan's card: "Try To Relax."
followers & staff: the varlet Varleen.
"It's too early in the day to be killing people ... come back later."

Bhames Jond, musician and companion to Doma Chandra. [Lance M.]
appearance: "He looks like Hoagy Carmichael."
stats: age ?, STR ?, SIZ ?, CON ?, DEX ?, INT ?, WIS ?, EGO ?, EDU ?, CHA ?, BV ?, APP ?, POW ?
notes: Fate index ?; Morgan's card ?
followers & staff: blah
"Mead, skimmed, not strained."

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