Gods and Monsters

There are many gods worshiped in the West. Some are big and imposing, some tiny. Some have Grand Principalities (i.e.their areas of native competency are very great) and some have only tiny native powers. Some have large congregations (and hence great power), some are almost forgotten. Here is a select list of names (more or less in order of temporal power/congregation size within their groups) and a hint of their characters:

The Western Pantheon

Librura -- Earth-Mother, goddess of fertility and agriculture

Ardanalah -- Sky-father, demon-slayer, Lord of Lightings, husband of Librura

Astarri -- The 'One True God' -- all others are either Aspects, or demons

Durran -- Smith-god, maker-of-things, patron of the arts (especially music), deformed

Kura -- Goddess of Night, protector from things that go 'bump' therein, as well as patron of the pleasant things that go on in her realm

HerAhn -- Patron of wild nature, usually seen as a stag, a stag-headed Humaniti, or a great bear (Ursi)

Kulrana -- Protector of shepherds and flocks

Sowethin -- Manfriend, Teacher, often seen as a wolf or raven, brother to Saynday

Nhanorh -- Sea-god, patron of sailors and fisher-folk

Greensinger -- Forest goddess (for the deepest woods), patron of the Elves

Saynday -- Trickster (both positive and negative), often seen as either a coyote or a raven

The Elemental Sovereigns

More important for their Principalities than the size of their congregations.

Kethrick -- Air/Winds

Athrack -- Fire/Heat

Rorulm -- Earth/Stone

Sislusi -- Water/Moisture


Not officially recognized as part of the Western Pantheon, not heavily organized in the Kingdom, but not on the proscribed list (at the moment).

Korreck -- Wargod, two Aspects: 'Battlefriend' or 'Manslayer'

DirRack All-destroyer -- Giant blue rat


These deities are on the proscribed list -- it is llegal to worship them in the Tar'rani Kingdom

Navaka -- Powerful in the Krawshi Empire, Eater of light, big dark cloud

Kalah -- The Dreadful Bride; devourer of souls

Lebah -- The Tempter/Corruptor; Adversary of Righteousness

Than -- Lord of the Walking Dead

Wartaugh -- Mistress of Plagues

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