Drugs and Narcotics

The most commonly available drug in the kingdom is alcohol, but most folks in the Kingdom think of it mostly as something you drink with food, or a sacrament, or a thing for celebratory rituals. There are also several sorts of tea (caffeinated, herbal, and specialized), as well as coffee. There are several sorts of 'pipeweed' that are mild stimulants, or promote contemplation. Then there is 'ganja' -- which in its mild form is seen (again) as part of a social context for recreational purposes, or more often as a sacrament, or in the stronger 'Medicinal Grade' for the kinds of medical uses you'd expect. Watch out for 'Ditchweed', though -- it can cause bad reactions in some. Opium has a similar place in society, but is much less common. There are many other potentially recreational drugs around (many 'shroom-based), but for the most part they are expensive, used as part of religious rituals, or by mages for work. All the preceding are commonly legal, although local barons are free to regulate matters in their own lands (to a certain extent). The two commonest drugs banned Kingdom-wide are Red Rage (a performance-enhancing powder giving rise to some truly awesome berserkergangs), and Love Philters.

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