The Great Divisions of Humaniti

Humaniti is considered to be composed of the Six Races. Three pairs: for each "Common Race" a "Shepard Race". The most numerous are the Verd, the mortal races -- the Kafyah and TyrNai). The elder races are the Durranii (Iron Dwarves and Stone Dwarves (DurNai)), and the Ela'Sidhejeen (Sylvan/Sylvjeen and High Elves (QuenNai or just Sidhe). Some folk also consider the Pixies to be part of the Ela'Sidhejeen, which would make it Seven Races, but since that is a less than pleasing number, most folks leave out those annoying Pixies. The Hai aren't considered (by most decent folks) to be part of Humaniti (please to ignore the implication of any half-orcs wandering around). For completeness's sake the Hai consist of: the True Hai (orcs), Goblins (degenerate orcs), and Jumbleacks (great-orcs -- in the Hai tongue Garsh Thrackar literally "Fire Bringers", or less commonly Uruk Hai literally "Soldiers of the People").

Verd -- the Kafyah or Common Men

Valleymen -- Typically light-olive complexion, brown eyes, light brown hair, oval-round faces, about 5'8" average (M), 5'3" (F). Less body hair than typical Mediterranean genotype, but more than typical on the Northern European genotype. Dress: simple tunics and trousers or wrap-tie skirts. Small straw conical (Vietnamese-style) 'coolie' hats. Sandals. 'Bushwacker' (kukri-style) bush swords.

Hillmen/Highlanders -- lighter skin and hair, shorter, hairier. Dress: sturdy low boots, simple tunics, cloaks, some kilts, especially in higher elevations, wineskins. Bushwackers or axes. Some influence from Dwarves.

Forest-folk -- lighter skin, hair and eyes, taller and thinner. Strong cultural influence from Elves. Dress: high/soft boots (moccasins), tight leggings, vests (with pockets), shirts (in season), 'teardrop' shoulder bags, axes, self bows common. Wine/water gourds.

While brown hair and eyes are the norm for all the Kafyah, there are a fair number of folks with lighter hair and eyes, both from TyrNai genes as well as Kafyah genes.About XX% of the Tar'rani Kingdom's subjects are of Kafyah stock.

Verd -- the TyrNai or High Men

The TyrNai make up14% of the Tar'rani Kingdom's subjects, totalling about 650,000 persons (including "Gold TyrNai" -- that is, Verd with at least the legal minimum of one-quarter TyrNai blood).

Brown skin (ranging from somewhat light skinned to very black, but the norm is an African-American sort of brown), oval/long faces, prominent cheekbones, large almond shaped eyes, muscular frame (think Olympic athletes -- swimmers or track stars), Hair is usually stiff, fairly straight, thick and abundant on the head, fairly spare and fine on the rest of the body. Some facial hair, with sparse hair on the chest (men), some on the pubic area and underarms. Women generally have less (and finer) body hair then men. Average 6'4" (M), 6'1" (F). Hair colors- Blue/black "Steel" (50%), "Gold" (33%), "Copper" (15%), Other (2%). Eye Colors - "Jet" (40%), "Emerald" (30%), "Sapphire" (20%), Violet (5%), and Other (5%). Dress -- based upon caste, mostly. For the Warrior Caste -- split/ tunics and loose trousers. For the Scholar/Priest Caste- tastefully colored long robes with a mandarin collar. For the Greater Bard Caste -- medium length bright tartan robes with open collar worn over loose trousers. Women will wear the same sort of everyday clothes, but sometimes will substitute a sort of "hakima"-style split skirt for the trousers in appropriate castes. For fancy-dress situations, women of wealth and nobility will tend to wear dresses. The "Maiden" dress is slinky/clingy (think in terms of 1930's bias-cut evening gowns), while the "Matron" dress has a bit more structure and fabric, but nothing as goofy as European womem's clothes from say, the Elizabethan Period. In appropriate circumstances, both sexes will wear a bit of cosmetics.

Ela'Sidhejeen -- the Sylvjeen, Sylvan or Wood Elves

They average 5' 4", slightly built, pale skin, thin face with prominent cheekbones, really huge eyes (not quite large enough to be suitable for a character in Japanese anime), pointed ears (but not grotesquely so). Hair ranging from light brown to pale blond, eyes blue or green.

Ela'Sidhejeen -- the QuenNai, or Sidhe, High or True Elves

Truly 'high', they average about 6'7" in height, somewhat slightly built. Somewhat sharp/scary facial features.


These fey folk average about 4' 3" tall, with a very slight build (but wiry).

Durranjeen -- the Durrani, Iron or Common Dwarves

The common dwarves average 5' 2", and are very heavily built. Short-limbed. Middle European type skin colors (i.e., pale but subject to weathering). Square faces, prominent noses. Hair dark brown or red. Eyes blue or brown. Beards are universal among the males (and entirely absent among the females).

Durranjeen -- the DurNai, or Stone Dwarves

The "Shepard" dwarves average 5' 5" tall, and are very, very, very, very heavily built. Pale hair and pale blue eyes.

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