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Haerth Pricelist for Common Items

Note that this pricelist is set for medium sized-largeish cities. In very large or huge cities (Tara), manufactured goods will be (generally) lower priced, and foodstuffs higher. In smaller cities or the country-side towns, manufactured goods will be more dear and foodstuffs cheaper.

L = Librum (gold), S = Soldi (silver), D = DinarRi (copper), P = Pents (brass).


Generic prepared food:
Cheap Meal - 2 D; Decent "Handmeal" - 1 D; Good Meal - 5 D; Banquet - 1S, Trail Rations - 5S/Wk.

Generic drink:
Mug of Ale - 5P
Cask (5 liters) of Ale - 5D
Keg (15 liters) of Ale - 1S.5D
Mug of Wine - 2D
Cask (5 liters) of Wine- 2S
Keg (15 liters) of Wine - 6S


Rooming Prices (per day):
Common Room Doss-space (assuming you bought a meal or drinks there) - 2D
Dormitory Bunk - 5D
Shared Inn Room - 1S
Private Inn Room - 2S
Hot bath - 2D
Private hot bath - 1S,5D

Caravanerai fees:
entry-fee: 2-5P per foot or hoof, 
plus 3-6 P per axle on carts or wagons. 
Entry fee includes water in some cases/seasons. 
Roof-coverage, rooms (dorm or semi-private), fodder, etc.
will be extra, usually at a 10-25% premium over the usual 
city prices. Outside of the peak travel seasons in areas 
that are not too far from civilization, some of the 
Caravansaries may offer a cheap meal (small bowl of 
objectionable stew & hunk of stale bread “the saving grace 
of which being that it is very small”) as part of
the entry fee.

Long Term Lodging:
Tiny Private Room at Boarding House - 1S/ week;
Good Private Room - 3S/Week;
Suite - 1L, 8S/Week;
Flat - 75S per month (assumes 1 part-time servant)
Town House* - 41L, 6S per month (assumes a small part-time staff)
Croft* - 1L, 9S per month
   (assumes small garden-plot, downstairs "barn" space for beasts,
    limited grazing rights in the commons and water source within walking distance)
Small Fortified Manor House* - 100L per season (assumes small full-time staff)
Country Villa* - 350L per season- (assumes partial full-time staff)

*Subject to availability and usually must be paid in advance. May require a cash deposit as well.

Stabling Fees:
Stall only: 1D; Stall w/ average feed: 5D; Special care: 5D+; Trail Fodder (oats): 3S/Week.

Transportation & Related Items

Burro: 50S
Mule: 30S
Pony: 50S
Pack Llama: 25S
Pack horse: 65S
Riding Nag: 75S
Avg. Riding Horse: 150S
Vaquarjeen’s Horse ("Quarter-horse"): 300S
Racing Horse (semi-blooded): 4000+
Racing Horse (blooded): 6500+
Smaller Cart Horse: 750S
Large Cart Horse: 1800S
Ox (draft): 185S
Cavalry Horse: 2400S
War Horse (trained to 25% in all attacks): 5000S
Blooded Warhorse: 7500S

Equine-related Stuff:
Saddles - Light Saddle: 50S; Cheap Saddle: 20S; Cavalry/Knights Saddle: 250S; Long-distance Saddle: 150S.

2-Wheeled Cart: 45S; 4-Wheeled Wagon: 175S; Freight Wagon (2-horse): 500S; Freight Wagon (4–horse): 700S; 
and while we’re on the subject -- Rickshaw: 35S; Rickshaw ride: 2P/Person/100M; 
Sedan Chair: 125S; sedan chair ride ride: 4P /Person/100M.

Other Critters of note (the eatin' sort):
Bull: 750S; Calf: 50S; Cow: 175S; Sm. Fowl: 2D (capon/game hen/squab/quail); 
Med. Fowl (big chicken): 4D; Lrg. Fowl (turkey): 1S,8D; Nutrina 1D, 4P; 
"Big Bird": 95S; Goat: 30S; Ox ("retired" draft animal most likely): 75S; 
Pig: 35S; Sheep: 30S.

Other Critters of note (less often eaten):
Cat (common): 1D; Cat (watchcat -- partially trained): 8D; Dog (common): 2P; Dog (hunting-trained): 3S,5D; 
Dog (blooded): 60S;  Dog (war-trained or watch-trained):75S.


Generic Clothing Allowance: 
Low-caste peasant (Unclean-folk, Free Rural Labor): 2S/ year, 
Landsfolk Caste/Lowcaste Townies: 5S/ year;
Entrepreneurial Caste: 5S/ year- 25S/ month;
Craftsfolk Caste: 4S/ year- 25S/ month;
Martial Caste (peasant): 5-10S/ month;
Martial Caste (nobles): 10-75S/ month;
Great Bards Caste: 20-100S/ month;
Scholar/Priest Caste: 35-160S/ month.

Slightly More Specific:
Really cheap stuff- (hides, animal-hair, poor-quality hemp, linen): 
  - shirt/shift: 3S; Outerwear:6S.
Cheapsuff (med-quality hemp, linen):
  - Shirt/Shift : 5S; Pants/Skirt: 7S; Outerwear: 11S.
Commonstuff (good-quality hemp, linen, bamboo fiber):
  - Shirt/Shift 7S; Pants/Skirt: 10S: Outerwear: 28S; Winter clothes: 40S.
Superiorstuff (cotton, sheeps wool, linen, bamboo fiber):
  - Shirt/Shift: 28S; Pants/Skirt: 35S; Outerwear: 63S; Winter clothes: 110S.
Noblewear (linen, cotton, lambs wool, cashmere, spider-silk, angora wool, furs): 
  - Shirt/Shift 95S; Pants/Skirts: 125S; "Maiden" dress: 200S; “Matron” dress: 165S; 
    Outerwear: 250S; Winter clothes: 750S.


Hammer 2D; Mallet: 5D; Saw: 1L; Set of chisels: 5L; Drill (brace & bit): 8L; 
Shovel 1L.S2; Hoe: 3S, 1D, Sickle: 2L, 5S; Scythe: 3L, 1S; Work Maul: 9L, 5S; 
Writing set: 1L; Paper (hemp): 3P/sheet; "Papyrus": 3D/ Sheet; Vellum 9D/ Sheet; 
Fish hooks: 5P; string (hemp) 1P/M; string (spidersilk) 8P/M.

Camping and Expedition gear

Camping Gear:
Frame Pack: 20S; Knapsack/ rucksack: 3S; “Teardrop” shoulder bag: 1S; 
Cheap-ass peasant backpack 9D; Cooking/Eating gear: 2S; Travelers’ Camping Cloak - 1L,8S;
Tarp/Groundcloth (waterproofed): 6S; 1-Person tent: 10S; 3-Person Tent: 2L5S;  
5-Person tent 2L; Fire-starter (flint, steel & tinder): 3D; Fire-starter (bow & block):1S;
Fire-starter (Kousmani 1-handed flint& steel): 1L; Adventurer’s Pack: 2L, 5S. 
(rucksack contains 2 days trail rations, 5 prepared torches, bedroll (wool blanket & 
small groundcloth), 15 M cheap rope, waterbag. Total ENC 2).

Expedition Gear:
15M Hemp rope (180Kg): 5S; 15M Spider-silk rope (350Kg) 5L; Oil Lamp: 5S; 
Lamp Oil: 5D/ lampload; Sm. Sack: 2D; Lg. sack: 5D; Wooden spikes: 1D; 
30M Strong Rope ( 350Kg ): 3L; 10M Iron chain ( 4500Kg ): 7L, 5S.

Musical Instruments

(all assuming minimum serviceable quality):
Bugle: 5S; Standing Harp: 15L; Lap harp: 2L; Great horn:  2L, 5S; Reed pipes: 1-5S; 
Guitar 7L, 5S; Mandolin: 3L; Lute: 6L; Recorder: 7D; Tin whistle: 6D; 
"Copper" pitch-pipe: 2S; "Silver" bugle:1L; "Gold" Flute: 5L.

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