A Really Brief History (as it is often told in the West)

Ancient Days

At first, there was nothing but Night, above, and Sea, below. A long time ago the world was created by two gods, Dena and Rena, who desired a pleasing place to enjoy congress. The piled up some mud and rocks, gathered some plants, and made a pleasant bower. Their congress was so powerful that the bower they had created took life, which continued after they were finished. They attracted the attention of Sun, which decided to look in on the fun and ended up staying for part of each day.

Much time passed, with the world growing, changing -- becoming more complex every moment. Eventually, a race of people came to be -- cold, perfect, masterful and arrogant: the Diamond People. The Diamond People grew ever more powerful and farther from the living heart of the World, and began to do it violence. The gods attempted to create servant-peoples to oversee various parts of the world, and to undo the damage that the Diamond People were doing: the ElaSidhejeen oversaw growing things and the Durrani over things mineral. Over time the Diamond People damaged the world to its very soul. Eventually, one of the Diamond People, Huranith, created servants to fight for control of the World alongside the Diamond People -- the Hai.

Eventually the Diamond People attempted to throw down the gods by storming heaven. At that point every hand in creation, from the beasts in the forest to the gods themselves, rose up against the Diamond People. There was an age of battles. The Diamond People called upon the Rainbow Demons to wipe out life on heaven and earth, but Ardenalah came striding over the land upon legs of lightning, and slew the Rainbow Demons. One of the gods, Wartugh decided to take matters into her own hands and slay all the mortals (including the Elves and Dwarves) by releasing a series of plagues. Only by constant vigilance (and the intersession of the other gods) were the mortals able to survive.

When the gods and the Diamond People were both exhausted by constant warfare, the Two Brothers (Saynday and Sowethin) interceded on behalf of the Diamond People and suggested a compromise: the Diamond People would be cleaved into two folk, with the stronger part taken away and condemned to wander upon the sea for many generations. By treaty, the gods would also withdraw from direct action in the world (for the most part), leaving the earth to the mortals. Meanwhile, in the absence of the direct supervision of the gods, the gods created "Shepard Races" for the Durrani (the DurNai or Stone Dwarves) and the Elasidhejeen (the QuenNai or Sidhe) in order to replace their own wise counsel. The weaker part of the former Diamond People left behind were like children: they had no arts or philosophy. These were the Kafyah. For some time, the Kafyah lived as savages, but over time they were given fire, learned how to farm, work metal, and rule themselves (after a fashion). They clashed with the Elves in a series of wars, generally getting the worst end of things until they developed an uneasy alliance with the Dwarves. Great Kafyah cities arose in the West based upon trade routes or holy sites -- Tien, Tara, Tyre.

Eventually, the missing part of the Diamond People returned from their exile over the sea: the TyrNai. Through superior tactics, skill and martial élan the various clans of the TyrNai conquered the Kafyah in the West, later subduing the Elves and Dwarves there. Many years later, Sol's Universal Empire came from the East and conquered both the Kafyah and the TyrNai, often turning one Clan of TyrNai against another or the Kafyah against the TyrNai. During his rule, Sol's hand lay heavy on the West: he sent the Grey Men to collect souls for sacrifice to feed his magics, and his Satraps ruled with great brutality, selling many into slavery. Saying that nothing mattered from before the time of his Rule, Sol decreed that all books and scrolls in his Universal Empire must be collected and destroyed. The Universal Empire lasted for exactly 512 years (approx. 158 years after conquering the West), until one day Sol up and died (rumor has it that he had some help from his consort Gwen).

Rise of the Tar'ran Kingdom

After Sol died, many of his powerful servants (the "Lords of Chaos") fought for control over his empire for several mortal generations. The folk of the West staged an uprising against the hated Satrap Lughas: as the TyrNai caretaker-women (cooks, charwomen, etc.) came into his stronghold (the Tower of Skulls), they dispatched the garrison with knitting needles, poison, butcher knives, and their bare hands. The Tower of Skulls was sucked out of this existence when Lughas died, taking the heroes with it. Even as the Lords of Chaos quieted down (at least in the West), various local cults fought amongst themselves for several more generations, nigh unto exhaustion. Eventually, a previously obscure TyrNai warrior and magician known as Kleon Thalastur came forward who was able to use diplomacy, the help of a large dragon named "Grandfather Leon", and armed force to weld together the TyrNai, the Verd, and eventually the rest of the Six Races into the Kingdom of the Dragon Throne. In order to balance the competing races, cults and factions, and prevent one group from taking complete control of the kingdom, the King and representatives from all the important groups all agreed to abide by certain rules. After much negotiation, the most powerful magicians and sorcerers in the kingdom created a powerful living spell to receive the Oaths of the participants. A spell so complex and powerful would be able to interpret actions of the avowed in light of their vows, and to punish them (in either subtle or spectacular ways) if they broke their vow. This creation is the Covenant of Union, and it is important enough that dates in the Kingdom are now measured from its creation.

The Numbering of Years

151 CU
The Dwarves are Revolting!
222 CU
Exile of the Wargod's Own
289 CU
First Krawshi War
445 - 552 CU
Cyrmangi Raids and reprisals by the Tar'ran Kingdom
699 CU
Treaty with the T'keln Barbarians establishes joint control over the Debatable Lands on the northern border.
788 CU
Construction of the Iron Road (to the Stormlands) begins.
811 CU
Second Krawshi War
844 CU
Barrow King War
845 CU
Alliance with the DinJah Barbarians at the end of the Copper Road
846 CU
The Heir-cutting Contest
849 CU
Notable trouble on the Frontier from Mofoni Barbarians.
850 CU
Third Krawhsi War -- Tara beseiged; the Krawshi War Plagues kill thousands of TyrNai; Tyre's charter is revoked due to treason by the civic government.
851 CU
Big Soundless "Foooom!" from the South ("Elvis has left the Continent!")
852 CU
Civil War of Ser Ash ("Moon Madness")
858 CU
The Present Day

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