The Age of Reason


Tennessee Morris, intrepid reporter
appearance: Blonde, businesslike, dangerous
age: 28; STR 13, PRE 16, COM 12, DEX 18, SPD 3
obvious disads: distinctive looks, unconcealable - 6'5" tall
"Now, THAT'S interesting...."

Prof. Septimus Pretorius, inventor of automatons
appearance: 6' tall, gaunt, shock of white hair, old-fashioned clothing
age: 50; STR 10, PRE 20, COM 10, DEX 11, SPD 3
obvious disads: distinctive looks
"Men are but machines, and are thus perfectable."

Simon Maxwell Fitzhugh, Pretorius' goon
appearance: 6' 6", 300 pounds, brown hair and eyes
age: XX; STR 25, PRE 17, COM 8, DEX 14, SPD 3
obvious disads: big, poor Irish thug
[on being warned that the bartender will call the police] "Will there be many of them?"

Stephen Richardson, businessman and part-time inventor
appearance: a tall, dark haired man with a moustache and is typically well dressed
age: 49; STR 11, PRE xx, COM xx, DEX 14, SPD x
obvious disads: kidnapped
"Sir, right here Professor Pretorius has the answer to all your proble..."

The Automaton, mechanical servant of Pretorius
appearance: pale and somewhat inhuman, usually masked and in uniform
age: 2; STR 20, PRE 20, COM 0, DEX 10, SPD 2
obvious disads: not quite entirely human-looking
"Yes, Master."

Name Name, descriptive phrase
appearance: descriptive sentence
age: XX; STR xx, PRE xx, COM xx, DEX xx, SPD x
obvious disads: list
"Your Quote Here."

New York City, 1892

Mayor Hugh Grant presides over America's largest city, population two and a half million. Ellis Island opened on January 1st, to bring another quarter-million emigrants to America this year. Elevated railways, cable cars and horse-drawn trolleys provide public transportation in Manhattan; the skies above the streets are darkened by hundreds of electrical, telephonic, and telegraphic wires. Ferries carry traffic across major bodies of water, except for the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bronx Zoo has not yet opened, although proposed. The Statue of Liberty has only been standing (complete) in the harbor since 1886. Construction began last year on Grant's Tomb. Benjamin Harrison, a Republican, is President of the U.S. in this election year; his wife Caroline died a few months ago. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act has been in operation for a couple of years. The "White City" is built in Chicago for the "Columbian Exposition". Jim Corbett beats John L. Sullivan in the first heavyweight championship fight under the Queensbury rules. The French attempt to build a canal in Panama ends in bankruptcy and scandal.

Episode 1 - Age of Reason

Our heroes confront the men who kidnapped Stephen Richardson, and travel to Pittsburgh to learn of Dr. Zermer's evil schemes.

Episode 2 - Madness in Moloch

Dr. Zermer's mechanical men are defeated, although Emma Goldman remains as a replica. Zermer is turned over to the authorities.

Episode 3 - Batteries of the Gods

Our heroes race to the Andes -- only to confront Baron None in an ancient temple of Atlantean / Incan crystalline science!

Episode 4 - Shadow of the Zeppelin

Doctor Omega steals the SS President Cleveland, a new airship, and plans to threaten the world with it!

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