The Armstrong
Little Wonder!
The Latest in Military Self-Propelled Guns!

One of the latest inventions for the improvement of military science, the "Little Wonder" juggernaut approaches the limits of compactness for a steam-powered vehicle. A single person fires the gun and controls the 28 horsepower forced-draught semi-condensing steam engine. A gatling gun, with 400 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition, is fitted in a traversing ball-mount on the superstructure. The hull is composed of armor steel two inches thick in the front.

Cargo in the amount of five tons can be pulled on sledges or carts, behind the "Little Wonder". This will however reduce the top speed from 4 miles per hour to 2 miles per hour. The boiler can be easily adjusted to operate on any light liquid fuel, such as alcohol, paraffin, kerosene, etc.; the fifty-five gallon water tank, and fifty-five gallon fuel tank are sufficient to feed the "Little Wonder" for up to one hundred miles of travel! Only a minimum of care is needed to maintain the two-cylinder engine; the engine also operates a powerful pump capable of filling the water tank in few minutes.

Parties of explorers can easily perceive the utility of the "Little Wonder"! No more hordes of fractious, infectious Askaris or Mongols to be paid, instructed, healed or goaded! Similarly, the officers of many Navies and Armies already know that the "Little Wonder" can do the destructive work of a hundred men! Do not delay -- purchase the "Little Wonder" today!

Width: over hull 5 feet, over tracks 9 feet Weight loaded: 5 tons
Length: 12 feet Weight empty: 4 tons
Height: to roof 10 feet, to top of stack 11 feet Cost complete £1000 FOB Sheffield

Enquiries welcome at the Elswick Engineering Works, Sheffield, England

1889 stats: Size 0.25, reliability 5, movement rate 1, armor level 1.

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