Steam Traction Engine

Used extensively in Europe and North America for agricultural and haulage purposes. It can also be used to power other machinery, or as a winch. The 110 HP engine can burn coal, straw, wood or (rarely) oil. The engine is equipped with power steering.

The machine is about 25' long, and 10' wide; it weighs about 7 tons (including full bunkers and water tanks); it can carry about 2 tons of cargo or passengers (though there are only two seats, and not much space for other passengers or cargo).

The traction engine produces a drawbar pull of 6.25 tons; thus, up to 100 tons can be pulled in wagons on a level, smooth road; as the grade of roads approaches 20%, the possible weight of wagons decreases to 8 tons. On gravel roads, the weight of wagons would be halved; in loose sand or dirt, reduce the weight of wagons to one-fifth (thus 20 tons on level, loose sand).

The coal bunkers hold 2 tons of coal; 1/5th of a ton of coal is burned each hour at full power. A water tank holds about 450 gallons (1.8 tons); the engine uses 1.8 tons of water per hour at full power. Steam can be raised from "cold" in about 40 minutes. Top speed is about 2.5 miles per hour.

Cost, £600 in North America or Europe; £1200 on Mars. Many options are available: canopies, locomotive-type cabs, armored bodies ...

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