Royal Navy "Ten Ton Scout Flier"

These small but useful class have recently been adopted for use by Royal Navy; a dozen or so are in service on Earth, and more on Mars. Their 9 HP petrol engine (Engine size 0.075, weight one-quarter ton) has proven somewhat balky and delicate in service; 75 gallons (a quarter-ton) of kerosene fuel are carried, giving the vessel a week's endurance at its top speed of 20 knots. A cramped cabin under the "turtleback" forward deck provides four bunks, a simple galley, etc.; the engine and fuel tanks are under the main deck. Canvas awnings and canopies can be erected to shield the crew from the sun or weather. A winch is fitted to raise about a ton of cargo; about two tons can be carried. In Sky Galleons terms:

Ten Ton Scout Flier				   aerial flier				
Armor:  0	£1,100
Hull:  0.1	Speed:  4	
10 tons         Altitude:  Very High
Crew:  Coxswain/Helmsman, Trimsman, Artificer, Gunner, 1 Marine
Armament:  1 Maxim gun amidships aft

(Sky Galleons crew conversion to 'real' numbers: Coxswain, Trimsman, Artificer, Gunner, 6 passengers or Marines (another 10 or so persons can be crammed aboard in emergencies). Length 30 feet; beam, 10 feet)

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