The Heroes

Commander L. Tolliver, of the Royal Navy
appearance: dashing naval officer, some facial scars
age: XX; STR 15, PRE 13, COM 20, DEX 20, SPD 4
obvious disads: reputation (naval hero)
staff: a servant
"Your Quote Here."

Mr. Jonathan Verzeiger, insurance claims investigator
appearance: 5'7" tall, very slight build, Blond, blue eyed
age: 25; STR 13, PRE 10, COM 18, DEX 20, SPD 4
obvious disads: resembles a good-looking but ineffectual aristocrat
staff: household staff in Londen. He has no valet, which is rather peculiar in itself.
"You know sir it is quite impolite to stare like that."

Coung Li, Chinese martial artist, servant to the Pemberly-Waites
appearance: fit young Chinese fellow
age: twenties, STR xx, PRE xx, COM xx, DEX xx, SPD xx
obvious disads: ?
"Ling Fu Shan, I am here to avenge the death of Master Fong!"

the Hon. Charles Edward Willson, 4th Viscount Holdernesse, aristocratic dilletante
appearance: debonair and unflustered ( = naive and imperceptive)
age: 33; STR 10, PRE 13, COM 10, DEX 11, SPD 3
obvious disads: see appearance; devoted to Miss Baker-Smythe
staff: his valet Tom
"I say, hold on a bally second, chaps."

Miss M. Baker-Smythe, scientist and explorer
appearance: attractive, short young Englishwoman, dark brown hair and eyes
age: twenties; STR 9, PRE 16, COM 18, DEX 18, SPD 3
obvious disads: overeconfident, famous reputation 14-, devoted to Viscount Holdernesse
staff: her maid Elizabeth Simmons
"Your Quote Here!"

Mr. J. A. Atherton, engineer and explorer; bio available here
appearance: healthy older chap, with a greying brown beard and mustache
age: 46; STR 10, PRE 15, COM 10, DEX 11, SPD 3
obvious disads: loyalty to England, chauvinist, drinks heavily, his age
equipment:  listed here
staff: a valet, Thomas
"Just remember, they ain't proper gentlemen."

The NPCs

Mrs V. L. Young, nee Pemberly-Waite; scientist and lady of fashion
appearance: beautiful, blonde -- and deadly!
age: twenties, STR 15, PRE 15, COM 18, DEX 16, SPD 3
obvious disads: far too attractive for her own good; enraged in combat
staff: her Chinese maid, Won Lo
"Take your hands off of me you disgusting beast!"

Admiral Horatio Beauman Young, retired RN officer, father-in-Law to Violet Young
appearance: born 1806, thus 91 years old
notes: He was (and remains) very interested in technical matters for an officer of his age. Entered Navy 1819.
"Things have certainly changed since my day."

Professor Olsza, venerable ether scientist and visionary
appearance: Tall, gaunt and elderly with a full white beard and hair, confined to a wheelchair
notes: Olsza's eye is firmly fixed on an etheric future.
"Never! Science must serve humanity, not rule it!"

Catherine Olsza, ether scientist and daughter of Professor Olsza
appearance: curvaceous, dark haired Slavic woman in her twenties
notes: hopelessly naive and idealistic
"My father would never allow his inventions to be used for evil purposes."

Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Dobbs, Royal Navy technical expert
appearance: age 69, STR 16, DEX 14, SPD 3, COM 10
notes: entered the RN in 1843, first served with Adm. Young off the African coast as an artificier aboard HMS Hydra.
obvious disads: old; has a 15 year old grandson, Robin Hale a.k.a. "Boy!"
"The only answer I require from you is 'Yes, Master Chief Petty Officer Dobbs,' is that clear?"

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